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Hello, I’m Sandy the author of Sandy’s Culinary Corner.

I have always enjoyed cooking and showing my love through preparing and serving good food.  When family and friends enjoy the food I have prepared it makes me happy. I have always been drawn to the kitchen and have a drive to learn as much as I can about cooking.  When I was a little girl our home was a haven for big casual family gatherings with lots of food.  I’m not sure my mother really enjoyed all the time she spent in the kitchen but everyone always enjoyed the food.  For me cooking is not a chore but a chance to play in my favorite playground and to make people smile. I’m happiest when I am experimenting with a new recipe or learning new cooking techniques!

I am a self-taught cook with a thirst for knowledge that is only limited by time.  I have spent the last 35 years as a full-time working mom so time for my cooking hobbies hasn’t been extensive.  I recently retired so now I can dedicate a larger amount of time to my cooking hobbies.  All of my cooking knowledge has come from observing others, trial and error, buying way too many cookbooks, and being a sponge for anything culinary! I firmly believe anyone can cook, you just need some basic skills, be willing to learn by trial and error, and you must be open to learning from your mistakes. You know the old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Over the years my husband and my two daughters have graciously tried all my food experiments and have always encouraged me to continue–even when I thought the food was a disaster! They have only two consistent complaints that are both true: 1.They love the food but hate the mess. I’m such a messy cook! My youngest daughter even gave me an apron for Christmas that said: “The Messy Chef”. 2. They say, I can never leave a good recipe alone. I always want to keep tweaking a recipe to make it even better. So, now they clearly tell me when to stop tweaking and beg me to hurry up and write down what I did before I forget.

Our shared family meal times are less frequent these days as both my daughters are now off at college. But, that just means that when they visit you will find me happily planning meals or in the kitchen preparing them. The new thing is that they both call me frequently and ask for my recipes and want cooking advice.  So, I got to thinking. I need to compile and share my recipes and my cooking experiences. So, my goal with Sandy’s Culinary Corner is to share my future cooking experiences, share some of my families favorite recipes, and document the outcomes.  I also hope to build up a following of readers to learn new things from their comments and inputs.

So, I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure and come back often to check on what’s happening.  You never know what you’ll see next!  But, always remember to have fun and enjoy the taste of it all!

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